Our own special blends

Traditionally grown, harvested and prepared for market these nuts are carefully coated by our Master Roaster in our own rather special blend of spices, each roasted to perfection.

  1. Fire Roast – SEA SALT & PEPPER peanuts and cashews.
    • Atlantic sea salt and ripe pepper (piper nigrum) enriched with runny honey.
  2. Fire Roast – Whole SMOKY ALMONDS.
    • Crisp roast and deliciously flavoured with wood smoke and sea salt. Very Special
  3. Fire Roast – JALAPENO & LEMON peanuts and cashews.
    • With Jalapeno capsicum, Sicilian lemon and rare spices. Also enriched with honey.

Always with a tasty crunch the result is a high quality, premium range of yummy savoury nibbles you won’t forget. We do not use artificial colours, preservatives or any other nasties these nuts have a long shelf life. The sea salt we use comes right here from the UK. Our black pepper is from Vietnam and what’s called “shade grown” for that extra hot kick. The white pepper we use is washed in cool mountain stream water and our Jalapenos are ripe and red and full of the romance of Mexico. To this fantastic collection we add Sicilian lemon oil and nutmeg for a really great taste.


The Fire Roast nut range is available in 1kg bags and easy to decant for Farm Shops, Delis and independent pubs and restaurants. Give us a call and we’ll send you a mouthwatering sample.