Organic🌱Food – Useful Facts


Better for you 👏

By it’s very nature organic 🌱 food products contain less harmful chemicals like fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. The definition of organic 🌱 food is: food production without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and other artificial chemicals.

Better for the world 🌍

Organic 🌱 food is mostly fresher than it’s more industriously produced cousin which is bizarrely termed “conventional” food production. Organic 🌱 foods do not contain manmade preservatives and produce is more often than not grown and farmed locally and comes with provenance and traceability.

Organic Farming – Why ? 🧐

Because of this natural production organic 🌱 food farming is better for the environment because the practice of organic 🌱 farming …

  1. Reduces soil erosion.
  2. Reduces pollution.
  3. Conserves water.
  4. Increases fertility of the soil.
  5. Uses less energy.
  6. Is better for wildlife and people.

As a result therefore, everyone should consider themselves a winner 🏆🏆🏆

It is also true that animals 🐑 🐟 and livestock 🐓 🐂 🐖 in general that are not injected 💉 with growth hormones or fed other animal by-products, often unrecognisably delivered as pellets from a sack – are naturally healthier 💓 not least because they are moving around in a more natural habitat.

Use of antibiotics 💉 for some, whilst an admirable intention for the wellbeing of animals also raises the risk of over-use and the creation thereby of antibiotic 💉 resistant bacteria ☢️. It is widely acknowledged that milk 🐄 and meat 🐂 from animals that have been organically 🌱 raised and farmed have higher ⬆️ levels of nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids are import for a normal and well functioning metabolism, they are good for the eyes, good for the brain and can help reduce heart disease 💔. Our own organic REALLY SEEDY mixes come in an original mix 1kg and soon to be added to this range will be + Goji Berries, + Blueberries, + Acai, + Inca and others.

Children 👶

Because their immune systems are still in early development some studies 🔬suggest that even low levels of exposure 📸 to pesticides increase the long term risks of cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, prostate cancer and breast cancer. It’s all rather a horror story 📖 …. so let’s concentrate on the positives 📈 of naturally grown organic 🌱produce.

Adults 💑

A bit like buying small batch locally produced ales or going to your local baker, organic 🌱produce is often more expensive💰than more commercially products. The benefits outweigh the price, certainly when you think whatever you eat affects your health and overall wellbeing.\

It was only a few years ago that people might give you a strange sideways glance if you asked for organic 🌱produce yet in the Supermarket multiples organic 🌱 has gone from FAD to FEATURE.

The proof is in the pudding 🍦🍰

Everyone is different, yet if you are looking 👀 for something new 🌟 to eat where all the evidence points to organic 🌱produce benefitting your wellbeing and diet overall then to #goorganic is probably the right thing for you. Always consult your doctor 👩‍⚕️

Investigate organically grown and free range meat and poultry, Look for vegetarian 🥦🍠🌽🍆options. Have a meat free day every week. Replace Sunday Roast’s with Lentil Bakes or warm salads full of organic greens. The greener the green the better, by the way. Chuck in some super seeds for texture and away you go💓. Try it for a month and undoubtedly you will feel a lot better and if you don’t (unlikely) – your digestive system will thank you big time 💥💫

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