Devil’s on Horseback

Dates Filled with Goats Cheese and wrapped in Bacon

This Recipe makes for a great canapé all year round. The salty smokey flavour of the bacon, creamy soft slightly nutty flavour of the goats cheese, and of course the naturally sweet caramel flavour if the fresh essential medjool dates all complementing each other to make one prefect bite 😋


Streaky smoked bacon
Goats cheese
Fresh Essential Foods medjool dates
Salt and pepper
A tiny drizzle of oil
Tooth picks

Method :

1. Use a pearing knife to cut down lengthways of the date, and delicately open up a space to put the goats cheese.

2. Close the medjool dates around a small bit of goats cheese trying to get it so you can’t see the goats cheese, this will mean you won’t get any cheese leaking out when you fry them.

3. Wrap in bacon, so that it is completely encasing the medjool date, and hold in place by putting tooth picks through the whole thing lengthways. This bit is a bit tricky and can take some trial and error.

4. Season to tase, I think as the bacon has already got a salty note too it you dont need much salt if any, but be generous with cracked black pepper.

5. You can either fry the canapés on a incredibly hot pan until golden brown and crispy with a tiny drizzle of oil. And then place on a piece of kitchen role to remove the oil and leave to rest or a couple of mins. This method is more time consuming as you can only do 4/5 at a time. But we think you get a better result. Alternatively you can roast them in the oven at 200 for 12/14 mins until you get the same result. Its harder to get them crispy however you can do as many as you can fit in your oven all at them same time!

Step 5 Enjoy!!!!


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