Sesame Seed Tuna Steak

Tuna steak is a Summer classic, with the weather heating up this is a very fresh dish and not too complicated to impress your friends within not to mention super healthy and lean. Our crunchy sesame seeds are the perfect compliment to a beautiful tuna steak.


Tuna steak….yellow fin if possible….and line caught if possible.
Teriyaki sauce
Sesame seeds both white and black
Touch of oil

Method ;

1. Marinate your tune steaks for a couple if hours in you terkayi sauce.

2.Remove your steaks and put them on a kitchen towel or cloth, you are going to want to have removed any excess sauce before stage 5.

3. Pour your teriyaki sauce that you used to marinate the tuna into a pan and put of a medium heat. Reduce until you get a sticky teriyaki glaze and then take of the heat.

4. Pour your sesame seeds 50/50 mix of black and white onto baking tray.

5. Take your steaks and pat them dry. With a cloth or towel pat them dry, season with a pinch of salt and then with a brush cover them with the sticky teriyaki glaze.

6.Roll them in the sesame seeds and pat them down until you have an even coating. See video below

7. With a searing hot pan with a dash of olive (the olive oil should almost be smoking your pan is so hot) sear the steaks literally 30 seconds on each side until the sesame seeds go slightly toasted and the outside of the tuna changes colour. Be careful not to over cook. (Some sesame seeds might fall off but try to keep this to a minimum).

8. Remove and rest for x2 mins. Add seasonal salad leaves.

Slice and plate 😋


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