About Us

Granola, nuts, seeds to buy online

At Fresh Essential we produce, import and distribute the best quality specialty foods throughout the UK. We offer a selection of traditional Indian spices and blends that we have developed over the past 25 years. We also offer a range of bespoke, hand produced nuts - mixed and seasoned with our own extremely delicious recipes, spice blends and our oven-fresh, premium granolas, baked with the finest ingredients sourced from exceptional producers across the globe.
Since Chimans Foods and Fresh Essential Limited merged, our focus has been flexibility and versatility, which has allowed us to offer a personalised packing solution for partner food companies. We are pleased to offer wholesale and develop bespoke recipes for chefs, cafés, restaurants, events, hotels and more please get in touch here if you would like to hear more.
Now we want you to enjoy our top quality ingredients in your own homemade cooking. Whether you're using our unique spice blends to heat up your own curry recipes or you're reaching for a bowl of our special Vegan Granola every morning, we want you to have the very best ingredients at your fingertips.