Nuts, Seeds & Pulses

Supplying you from 10g (bagged and branded) right up to full container loads, our nuts and seeds are hand selected and bursting with vitamins & minerals. We are always adding to our range so keep an eye out for new and delicious products coming on stream.

Aduki Beans

This delicious crunchy vegetable is grown throughout East Asia. The aduki (or adzuki) bean is used in ice cream manufacture as well as stews, cakes and deserts.

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Alfalfa seed

Rich in vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium and iron, alfalfa seeds make an ideal accompaniment to hummus or avocado.

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High in calcium, protein and iron, Almonds are typically grown in the a Mediterranean climate yet also across the Middle East and as far as India. Full of vitamins they are regarded today as a “super food” and traditionally come whole, flaked, ground, or roasted.

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Almonds (Flaked)

Whether snacking or baking these flaked almonds have the very same healthy benefits as their un-flaked parent; nutty and tasty 😋 and all without the hassle of flaking them yourself . We do that for you.

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Almonds (Roasted)

Roasting releases a beautiful scent from the almond itself. Roasted, whole, flaked or ground, almonds are full of energy giving proteins.

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Beluga Lentils

Resembling caviar in size, colour and appearance, beluga lentils are widely used in Indian cuisine but increasingly so in casseroles and salads in the West.

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Brazil Nuts

Containing magnesium, calcium, zinc and vitamin E. mixed with other nuts and dried fruit brazil nuts are full of crunch and texture.

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Brown Lentils

Brown lentils

The most common variety of lentil the colour shade can vary from dark brown to black, they cook in 20 minutes and a terrific filler in salads, casseroles and other dishes hot and cold.

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buck wheat


Easy to prepare and gluten free, buckwheat can be made into noodles or simply added to a mix of berries and other dried fruits as a tasty and healthy snack.

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Bulgar wheat

Literally meaning “cracked wheat” bulgar wheat is high in fiber, low in fat and low in calories. Like pasta or rice it is ready in 15 minutes max. Great on salads, stuffed into aubergines and even add it to vegetable kebabs. Yumma Yumma !

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Butter Beans

Butter beans are a fantastic addition to paella dishes, in fact all Mediterranean dishes. Mixed with chopped tomatoes and cooked in a broth butter beans are a vegetarian delight.

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Caraway Seed

With it’s subtle peppery aroma caraways have been used in cooking for 5000 years. Used in breads, biscuits, cakes, and even cheese dishes – caraway seeds can also be added to spirits like gin and vodka.

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Cashew Nuts

On their own, in salads, as part of a fruit and nut mixture cashew nuts are famous all over the world because of their versatility and buttery nutty taste and texture. Cashew nuts will add texture and taste to any dish.

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chia seeds

Chia Seed

No wonder everybody wants chia seeds in their smoothies, salads, pancakes and tarts. Chia are low in calories and high in protein; loaded with antioxidants they are hugely nutricious, and jam packed to the rafters with fiber.

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Hummus is the Arabic word for Chickpeas which are often cooked, ground into a paste and used a replacement for pasta or meat. Popular with all foodies chickpeas make a great pancake base for all kinds of meals.

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coconut chips

Coconut Chips (Raw)

Also available roasted – coconut chips are great for baking and making salads that will really impress. Coconuts are known to aid digestion so the end result is …. these are both tasty and good for you.

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A traditional staple of North African cuisines couscous is made from crushed durum wheat and in the West has become a very good alternative to rice either as a side or as part of a main dish.

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Flax Brown Seed

Brown flax seeds or to use the other name – linseed are loaded with nutrients and omega 3 fats (the good ones). Linseed will add a slightly nutty flavour to salads and cereal.

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French Type Lentils

The same variety as Puy Lentils from France these French type lentils are perfect for a side salad or in sandwiches as an accompaniment.

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green laird lentils

Green Laird Lentils

Larger in size than traditional lentils our green laird lentils are easy and quick to cook. They make a great base for salads, stews and soups.

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Excellent in cakes, pastries and confectionery hazelnuts are a firm favourite. We buy the highest quality  hazelnuts from Turkey, Azerbaijan, USA and Georgia. Nutrients include several B vitamins, calcium, zinc and potassium.

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Successfully grown in the Northern Hemisphere this is another super seed packed with nutrition. Hempseed is a great addition to salads, smoothies, and baked products such as breads and pastries.

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Macadamia Nuts

Indigenous to Australia macadamia nuts feed the human brain with vitamin B1 (thiamin) whilst the magnesium and phosphorus strengthen bones and teeth. Enjoy them on their own or in cookies and cakes.

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mung beans

Mung Beans

Mung beans are from the lentil family of legumes. They are low in calories and carbs whilst at the same time they fill you up all with the added benefit of the subsequent post eating lack of flatulence 👍

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mustard seed

Mustard Seed

An essential in the making of sauces, mustard seeds add flavour and depth to pretty much every recipe we can think of – though adding to puddings is less high up the list.

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A classic on their own or as part of a fruit and nut mixture peanuts are loved by Squirrel Nutkin and many of us humans. Peanuts are a huge boost for the heart and can be enjoyed in salads and deserts alike.

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pecan nuts

Pecan Nuts

These delicious nuts can be enjoyed throughout the year as part of a mix with other nuts and dried fruit not forgetting the traditional pecan pie. Containing vitamin E and monounsaturated fats (the good ones !) pecans tasted even more yummy dipped in dark chocolate.

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Pine Nuts

Baked into bread or added to meat, fish or salad dishes, pine nuts are an essential ingredient in the making of Pesto.

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Pistachio Nuts

Once considered suitable only for Royalty pistachio nuts contain saturated fats that eliminate skin dryness, they also happen to taste great and can be added to any mix, used in baking and or salads and many other recipes.

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A gluten free alternative to flour polenta is made from corn and is also used as a substitute for mashed potato. It has a grainy texture though it is graded from course to fine depending on what you want to use it for.

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poppy seed

Poppy Seed

More often than not kidney in shape and dark in colour these small seeds have been used in cooking since the dawn of time. Due to their interesting texture poppy seeds are often used on both hot and cold food preparations.

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pumpkin seed (roasted)

Pumpkin Seed (roasted)

A great source of protein and filled with iron and calcium pumpkin seeds are a favourite addition when making salads or dressings. Wonderful with celeriac, chard and garlic.

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Pumpkin Seed (shelled)

Shelled pumpkin seeds have all the nutritional benefits of their whole and roasted cousin. Whichever you choose it is entirely a matter of taste and texture preference.

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red kidney beans

Red kidney beans

Low in fat and rich in minerals and vitamins red kidney beans are the essence of many a vegetarian dish. Kidney beans have been known to help fight diabetes and because of their resistance to starch absorption help with those seeking to lose weight.

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red split lentils

Red Split Lentils

A superb ingredient for thickening dishes, red split lentils are packed with protein, iron and fiber. These “split” lentils are effectively halved whole lentils and have a nutty potato like taste. Well worth a try.

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sesame seeds

Sesame Seeds

You can add sesame seeds to pretty well every recipe known to man including main dishes, baking, desserts and salads. Apart from the tasty crunch experience. Sesame seeds are widely known to help reduce tension and aid digestion. Kind of works for us !

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sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Regarded by many as the world’s healthiest food, sunflower seeds have a mild nutty taste. Whilst giving you significant amounts of vitamin E, sunflower seeds lower cholesterol and are acknowledged as being beneficial to blood vessels and muscles.

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A wrinkly looking nut, walnuts are good for the brain (containing omega 3). Walnuts are also succulent when steamed and added to casseroles and stews. The distinctive flavour of walnuts adds to both cakes and goats cheese salads but they are also great on their own.

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