A selection of organically sourced rices. Aswell as sourcing only the highest quality rices, at Fresh Essential we make sure all our products are sourced ethically and uphold fair trade standards.

Arborio Rice Indica Fragrant

Traditionally used in Italian cooking arborio rice releases some of it’s starch during the cooking process and creates the desired creaminess in the dish.

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Basmati Rice

With its distinctive aroma basmati rice is considered to be one of the best quality rices. Basmati rice is light and fluffy and used in a variety of Indian cuisines.

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Black Rice

Once exclusively eaten by Chinese royalty this natural antioxidant is also a great source of fiber. Black rice is also rumoured to be good for your heart.

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Rice Pudding

Pudding Rice

This is not a specific variety of rice more a short grain rice used for making rice puddings and other deserts.

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Sticky Rice

Originally grown in Thailand this is a long grain rice with an aromatic floral scent which becomes sticky when cooked.

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Wild Rice

Wild rice is not actually a rice at all though it looks and cooks like rice. Wild rice is actually a grain. Originally grown in North America and harvested by native Americans it is packed with protein.

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