Our sugar is stored and packed very carefully in order to maintain texture and rich flavour. We ensure every one is organic and ethically sourced.

Caster Sugar

Fine granulated white sugar, caster sugar is used in baking for icing cakes and pastries and the making of meringues.

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Demerara Sugar

A light brown raw cane sugar originally gown in Demerara (Guyana), Demerara sugar has a light caramel like flavour and is perfect for sprinkling or adding to cheesecakes, flapjacks and biscuits of all kinds.

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Made from the sap of palm trees, Jaggery is a natural body cleanser and fights colds and flu like symptoms. Jaggery is packed with minerals and is a great source of energy.

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Palm Sugar

An unrefined sugar palm sugar is rich in vitamins like potassium, zinc and B vitamins which maintain healthy cells in the human body. Palm sugar has a low glycemic index which means it releases slowly into the body and therefore has less impact on the pancreas.

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Soft Brown Sugar

Soft brown sugar contains molasses and this is where it gets its rich colour, texture and taste. Soft brown sugar has a very long shelf life too and importantly it caramelises faster than other sugars so it is good to use in glazes and sauces.

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